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Projects @ RSM US LLP

Associate, Business Process and Risk Consultant @ RSM US LLP
July 2017 - July 2018

Joint Development Program and Tamien Station Project Assessments

March 2018 – May 2018

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Project management (planning, budgeting, teamwork, reporting)

  • Communication (with team and client)

  • Policy analysis, attention to detail

  • Prioritizing tasks, decision making, problem solving

  • Knowledge of audit procedures and standards

  • Tact/diplomacy, initiative, drive

Substantial Contributions:

  • Reviewed the Real Estate department's policies and procedures in order to developed audit procedures to meet audit objectives

  • Tactfully executed project with media attention

  • Communicated audit observations to management and discussed management's responses for clarification

  • Drafted Board Memo summarizing audit procedures and observations

  • Contributed to drafting and finalizing report

  • Attended G&A Board meeting

  • Delivered regular client status updates (in-person and email)

  • All project documentation

  • Led independent client meetings

  • Identified and requested required documentation from client

  • Coordinated meetings

* see pages 56-73 for Board Memo and Final Report

Project Objective: The objective of this assessment was to obtain an understanding of VTA’s Joint Development Program and the real estate development process and program metrics in order to review the program goals, assess the design and operating effectiveness of internal controls, test compliance with Board approved policies and relevant federal Circulars, and identify opportunities for process and control improvements, including revenue enhancement, efficiency gains or cost savings.

Maui Department of Transportation: Performance and Fiscal Audits

December 2017 – March 2018

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Project management (planning, budgeting, delegating, subcontractor, reporting)

  • Communication (with team and client)

  • Data analysis (MS Excel), attention to detail

  • Delivering on very tight deadlines, prioritizing tasks

  • Critical decision making, problem solving

  • Knowledge of audit procedures and standards

  • Business development

  • Agility, initiative, drive

Substantial contributions:

  • Led resolution of Hawaii legal compliance issue (for taking on a new client in Hawaii)

  • Reviewed Request For Proposal (RFP) and designed initial audit and budget plan

  • Reviewed all project documents to develop a detailed project plan

  • Led initial project introductory meeting

  • Primary day-to-day point-of-contact with client

  • Identified and requested all required documentation from client

  • Coordinated all meetings (10+ people, 3 time zones)

  • Led all fieldwork meetings and audit testing

  • Coordinated work with subcontractor

  • Executed intricate data analysis

  • Tracked budget, delegated work, and made critical decisions for project success

  • Communicated audit findings to the department director and defended findings

  • Significantly contributed to drafting report sections (background, scope and objectives, procedures, findings, data analysis results, editing for grammar and coherency)

  • Delivered on a very tight deadline

  • Delivered regular project status updates

Project Objective: To provide the Council and the Department with a management tool to identify long-term decision-making solutions to improve the cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and quality and reliability of program services to benefit the Department and the general public.

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