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Netflix Infographic

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

This infographic enables users to dynamically explore Netflix's movie catalogue. Select any data point to filter the entire infographic. Visuals include country filmed, release year on Netflix, genre, rating, frequent cast members, and frequent directors.

Feature improvements based on user feedback:

  • User requested that Average runtime be included throughout the dashboard. I added an "Average Minutes" card in the header. However, opted to include individual runtimes in hovercards, as I suspected this is what the user really wanted to see. User confirmed this presentation was more informative.

  • "How To" overlay was added after user failed to readily filter dashboard, reset the dashboard, and use hovercard for drill down details.

  • Resized and reorganized visuals to shrink the infographic down to 1420 x 1760 px (originally ~1600 x 2800 px) after user reported difficulty effectively using it on a 13" laptop.

  • Originally, the most frequent directors and cast members visuals were limited to the top 25 to avoid including a scroll bar. However, user reported that this effectively made the visual useless in most selections the majority of selections filtered out all 25. Therefore, this filter was removed and a scroll bar is now featured on the dashboard.

*Where area is too small to display details, hovering over the data point will display a hovercard with details and title list with duration in minutes.

For example:


Infographic Components

The infographic consists of six summary cards (header) and six visualizations (body).


  1. Count of movie titles

  2. Average minutes

  3. Sum of minutes

  4. Count of cast members

  5. Count of directors

  6. Count of countries filmed


Visualizations (left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Global bubble map with bubble size representing number of movies filmed by country (double counting movies filmed in multiple countries)

  2. Bar chat representing number of movies released on Netflix by year, with a line representing aggregate minutes released by year

  3. Tree map representing number of movies by genre (double counting movies with multiple genres)

  4. Bubbles representing number of movies by rating

  5. Bar chart representing number of movies by cast member

  6. Bar chart representing number of movies by director



Dynamic Filtering

Selecting any data point will automatically filter the entire infographic. Multiple layers of filters is supported.

For example, below is the infographic after selecting Martin Scorsese. The hovercard reveals the following nine films.

Reset the dashboard by using the built-in reset button at the bottom of the dashboard.

How To

Lastly, the dashboard features a "How To" button in the top right corner. Selecting it will toggle a transparent overlay providing the user with visual pointers for easily using the infographic.

Data Source: (data as of December 31, 2019)


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